The 19 Strong Show
Chett’s Back!!!
Sherrie and Anthony Discuss what Memphis Officials could learn from them
Officer involved Shooting in Memphis
The New Year’s Show
Memphis Tigers, Mayor Herenton, and City Council Appointments.
The I told you so Show and Why I Support the City Council Walkout

The I told you so Show and Why I Support the City Council Walkout

December 9, 2018

I told you when Morrison, Ford, and Fullilove left there would be moves to secure spots for interests in the city that were not necessarily for the people. I am honestly surprised they tried to sneak someone in who actually lived in Mississippi until the summer. Come on folks they are not even trying to hide it anymore. That is how much they think of you.  

St. Jude Marathon
Chett and Anthony return to discuss race relations in a candid discussion about the Tremaine Wilborne trial
Maggie’s Story-7 Months Clean

Maggie’s Story-7 Months Clean

November 17, 2018

Maggie was a student of mine and today she taught me some things. Addiction is a real threat to EVERYONE and everyone needs to hear what she has to say. Maggie was saved by Narcan, but that isn't what her story is about. Walk with her as she tells you how an everyday college student almost died and what her recovery has looked like.